Tesla planning to build a new facility near its Texas Gigafactory

A document recently submitted to the City of Austin shows that Tesla is planning to build another project named “Bobcat Project” in the eastern part of Travis County and new facilities near the Texas Gigafactory.

According to the document, this new facility covers an area of ​​up to 97 acres (approximately 392,500 square meters) and will include factors such as new facilities, driveways, sidewalks, roads, and parking lots. There are not many details about what the facility will be used for.

Since Tesla has already acquired a large amount of land around the Texas Gigafactory project, it is not clear where the project will be built. Currently, the project is still in the planning stage.

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Currently, Tesla is building a super factory in Austin, Texas. The plant will be Tesla’s fifth plant after the Nevada Gigafactory, the New York Gigafactory, the Shanghai Gigafactory, and the Berlin Gigafactory, and it will also be the fourth after the Fremont, Shanghai, and Berlin plants. Automobile assembly plant.

In August last year, foreign media reported that Tesla spent nearly $100 million to buy a piece of land in Austin to build its Texas super factory. Musk said that in addition to producing its first electric pickup Cybertruck and Semi electric semi-trailer trucks, the plant will also produce Model Y crossovers for customers on the East Coast.

According to rumors, Tesla’s Cybertruck will start production in June this year, which may be exactly the same as the completion time of its Texas Gigafactory.

On April 16 this year, Cybertruck appeared in Tesla’s Texas Gigafactory, which attracted a lot of attention from the factory’s employees. At that time, Musk confirmed on Twitter that he drove a Cybertruck around the factory.

According to reports, in addition to planning to build a new facility near the Texas Gigafactory, Tesla is expected to build a battery factory there, but the production capacity is expected to be deployed in one of the main buildings of the previously submitted Texas Gigafactory project.


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