Bing gaining new users, and Google sees a decline, all because of ChatGPT

NEW – March 24, 2023

  • Bing gaining new users, and Google sees a decline, all because of ChatGPT

Microsoft’s new Bing with ChatGPT integrated is gaining new users. Accoriding to Reuters, Microsoft is seeing a boost of around 16% in page visits since the launch of its GPT-4-powered “new Bing” chat experience.

The AI is causing minor damage to Google search. Google’s numbers are going down, with a dip of around 1% for the same time period.

Gil Luria, an analyst at D.A. Davidson & Co, said that “Bing to gain market share in search over the next coming months, especially if Google continues to delay the integration of generative AI into its product.”

“Bing has less than a tenth of Google’s market share, so even if it converts 1% or 2% of users it will be materially beneficial to Bing and Microsoft,” Luria said.

Some interesting data between February 5th to March 11 shows that Bing recorded around 8x as many downloads, while Google saw a dip of around 2%.

At the same time, Google is getting ready for the war with its AI Bard, the company launched recently. This is still late when compared with ChatGPT.

March 14, 2023

  • Thanks to ChatGPT, Microsoft Bing has 100 daily active users

The new AI technology is proving beneficial for Microsoft, its Bing browser has now over 100 million daily active users.

Last month on February 07, Microsoft announced its collaboration with OpenAI. The company has now confirmed that Microsoft Bing now has 100 million daily active users. This number is still very small when compared with Google’s active users.


“We are pleased to share that after a number of years of steady progress, and with a little bit of a boost from the million+ new Bing preview users, we have crossed 100M Daily Active Users of Bing. This is a surprisingly notable figure, and yet we are fully aware we remain a small, low, single digit share player. That said, it feels good to be at the dance!”

Starting last month, around 45 million chats have been completed. A recent report revealed that Microsoft has already spent several hundred million dollars to create the hardware needed for Azure cloud services to power OpenAI’s training models and experiences.

ChatGPT is growing very rapidly in several regions. Have you tried ChatGPT?

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