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Android 12 (Beta) Tips and Tricks: Here’s how to enable ‘Extra dim’

Android 12

Android 12 beta has a feature to protect your eyes from the high brightness level of your screen while reading your favorite book before going to bed or doing other tasks which need some intense light for proper visibility.

This feature is Know as ‘Extra dim’. When enabled this mode reduces your screen brightness by a significant margin to decrease the eye strain while watching to using the phone at increased brightness.

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In addition, you can adjust the brightness to the level you feel comfortable even within the Extra Dim mode.

It’s like having two separate brightness settings for your phone’s display, which can be managed from Quick Toggles.

How to enable ‘Extra dim’ in your device?

  • Open your phone’s settings
  • Go to Accessibility
  • Click on Extra Dim
  • Enable the Extra Dim toggle

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