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Here’s how to leave Android 12 (Beta) program

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If you decide that the Android 12 beta is too buggy or battery life isn’t great, you can leave the beta program.

But… and this is a big but… you’ll need to factory reset your phone to go back to Android 11.

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You should be able to use an old backup to restore your phone to its Android 11 form, but it’s entirely possible you’ll lose some data during the transition.

How to leave the Android 12 (Beta) program?

To leave the beta, visit the beta website again, but this time click on the Opt-Out button below your device. Wait a minute or two, then check for a software update on your phone in Settings > System > Advanced > System Update > Check for update.

Install the update, which will factory reset your phone, and when it’s done you’ll need to set your phone back up, starting with signing into your Google account.

Our best advice? Wait until Android 12 is closer to the final release before installing the beta. As Google continues to work on and refine the update.

Moreover, it’ll become more stable and battery life will improve (not to mention app developers will be able to release updates ensuring that third-party apps are compatible).

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