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Android 12 tips and tricks: How to enhance battery performance

Galaxy S21 Android 12 Easter Egg

In this article, we will tell you how to enhance your phone’s battery performance in Android 12.

If you are also annoyed with your smartphone’s poor battery life because it drains quickly and takes a long time to get fully charged. Then here are some tips to increase your Samsung smartphone’s battery performance.

1. Enable Power Saver Mode:

To avoid wasting battery life on unnecessary apps or programs.

  • Step1: Navigate to Settings.
  • Step2: Click on Battery and Device Care.
  • Step3: Click on Battery.
  • Step4: Click on Power Mode and turn it On/Off.

2. Enable Fast charging, Superfast charging, and wireless charging:

It helps to quickly charge your phone’s battery

  • Step1: Navigate to Settings.
  • Step2: Click on Battery and Device care.
  • Step3: Click on Battery.
  • Step4: Click on More Battery Settings.
  • Step5: Click on Enable to activate Fast charging, Superfast charging, or Fast wireless charging.

3. Disable Auto-Brightness:

It helps to save unnecessary battery consumption.

  • Step1: Navigate to settings.
  • Step2: Click on Display.
  • Step3: Click on the screen brightness.
  • Step4: Disable Auto-Brightness.

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