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Google Pixel 4a Tips and Tricks: How to customize the home screen?

If you recently bought Google’s flagship Pixel 4a you should know that this handset has a few tricks to show off.

For example, it comes with a few home screen extras that aren’t part of stock Android, including the default home screen widget that shows the current date and weather conditions as well as upcoming calendar events and traffic alerts.


To configure the widget, long press on a blank area of the home screen, then choose Home settings followed by At A Glance.

From the same Home settings menu, you can also set whether or not notification dots are allowed on the home screen.

Moreover, you can turn the Google app screen (one swipe away from the home screen) on or off,

Set whether or not, icons for new apps are automatically added to the home screen, while you can also enable or disable home screen rotation (when your phone is rotated) as per your preference.


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