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One UI 4.1 Tip: How to use Multi Windows on your Samsung phone

One UI 4.1 Multi Windows

Nowadays every smartphone brand makes large display devices to provide a great user interface. Whether you use this large screen to watch great videos, or you can still use it to conduct other activities. Also, Samsung One UI 4.1 introduces a new feature that lets you have two or more apps at the same time called the Multi-Windows feature.

This Multi Windows feature is something similar to the Split screen feature, which allows you to use two apps simultaneously. So, for example, you can use a split screen to keep Messages and WhatsApp open on the same screen. Also, you can adjust the size of the screens and copy information from one app to the other.


What is Samsung Multi Windows? 

Multi Windows feature helps you to open and use multiple app windows on the main screen of your phone. You can minimize those app windows, and move them to other apps. This feature can multitask in either landscape or portrait mode, giving you even more flexibility.

One UI 4.1 Multi Windows

When you use the Multi Windows feature on your Galaxy device, a new folder appears on the home screen, plus you can manage folders with your frequently used applications. Also, this feature is always available on the screen so you can access the application that needs your immediate attention.

How to use One UI 4.1 Multi Windows?

Firstly, open the first app you want to add to Multi Windows, then swipe up and hold from the bottom and reveal the multitasking menu. From here, a menu will appear when you tap on the app icon, then you will see many options, from them, tap on the Open in the pop-up view.

  • It will create an app window for the selected app.

You can continue following the same steps to open other apps in a pop-up window. You can use these apps as usual and view the other content on screen as well.

How to customize Multi Windows?

Aside from using Multi-Window as usual, you can also customize its transparency as well as disable the More Options menu. This way: When an application is open in a multi-window-

  • Tap and hold the pop-up window to increase or decrease its size.
  • Tap the top center or the window to move it.
  • Tapping the inside allows for minimizing the pop-up view of the app.
  • Tap the outside arrow to view in full screen.
  • Tap cross to remove the app from multi-window.
  • Now tap the three-dot menu and then the double-square option to select the transparency.
  • Tap another box to unpin the options menu.

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