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Realme UI 2.0 Tip: How to display RAM/Memory information

[NOTE: For this tutorial, we used Realme 7 Pro as our device]

Realme 7 Pro comes with 6/8 GB of LPPDDR4x RAM and if you ever wanted to see how much RAM is free on your smartphone, you can do that by changing a few settings.


Right now the phone is running on the latest Realme UI 2.0 based on Android 11 that brings in a lot of additional features and allows users to customize their smartphone to the fullest.

To display your free RAM all you have to do is:

Method 1:

  • Go to Settings -> Additional Settings -> Recent tasks manager -> Display RAM/Memory Information for Recent Tasks and enable the slider.

Method 2:

  • Head to the Settings and search ‘RAM’ in the search box.
  • Tap on the ‘Display RAM/Memory Information for Recent Tasks’ slider to turn on the RAM usage in the recent apps menu.

Once you’ve turned on the slider all you have to do is just open the Recents menu on your Realme 7 Pro and you’ll be able to see your Free RAM. You can have a look at the screenshots below to see how it’s done.

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