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Samsung One UI 4.0 tips and tricks: How to customize Home screen settings

In this article, we will tell you how to customize Home screen settings in One UI 4.0.

The home screen is the very first thing that you interact with to use your smartphone. It helps you to navigate through the device and makes it easier to use an app and feature. You can also customize the Home screen according to your need.

How to customize Home Screen settings:

Step1: Go to the Home screen, touch or Hold the screen.

Step2: Click settings to customize:

  • Home screen layout: Set your device to have separate Home and Apps screens, or only a Home screen where all apps are located.
  • Home screen grid: Choose a layout to determine how icons are arranged on the Home screen.
  • Apps screen grid: Choose a layout to determine how icons are arranged on the Apps screen.
  • Folder grid: Choose a layout to determine how folders are arranged.
  • Show Apps screen button on Home screen: Add a button to the Home screen for easy access to the Apps screen.
  • Lock Home screen layout: Prevent items on the Home screen from being removed or repositioned.
  • Add new apps to the Home screen: Automatically add newly-downloaded apps to the Home screen.
  • Hide apps: Choose apps to hide from the Home and App screens. Return to this screen to restore hidden apps. Hidden apps are still installed and can appear as results in Finder searches.
  • App icon badges: Enable to show badges on apps with active notifications. You can also choose the badge style.
  • Swipe down for notification panel: Enable this feature to open the Notification panel by swiping down anywhere on the Home screen.
  • Rotate to landscape mode: Rotate the Home screen automatically when your device’s orientation is changed from portrait to landscape.
  • About Home screen: View version information

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