What is Samsung Quick Share and how to use it?

With the Galaxy S20 series, Samsung introduced a new sharing feature, Quick Share. The company says you can “Share everything with your friends instantly.”

The Galaxy S20’s Quick Share lets users share files with up to 5 friends at once with no device pairing required. Samsung’s Quick Share feature, in fact, has a benefit over Apple’s AirDrop, which only works for one recipient at a time.

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Currently, this feature is limited to the Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20+, and Galaxy S20 Ultra but Samsung says support for other devices coming soon.

The maximum file size is up to 1GB and it comes with a 2GB per day cap. According to Samsung, Quick Share will show you “which of your contacts is nearby” and allow users to share items to “up to five friends” simultaneously.

How to use Samsung Quick Share feature:

On your device, go to the Quick Settings menu and now a long tap on the Quick Share icon. You can choose who may share files with you.

Then Navigate to the file you want to share.

1. Open Gallery.

2. Select the image/file you want to share.

3. Tap the Share icon.

4. You will see the available devices on the right side of ‘Quick Share‘ [Picture above]

5. You can share items with up to 5 friends simultaneously.

Note: The receiver device ‘Phone Visibility‘ must be ON.

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