Have you installed December 2022 security update on your OnePlus 8 series devices?

OnePlus 8 series December 2022 update

Last week, OnePlus began to roll out the December 2022 security update for the OnePlus 8 series models in Europe. Though the firmware didn’t hold many additions for the devices. Yet some internal tweaks have suggested that it is super beneficial to install the latest update as it not only improves the stability of the security system but also enhances the performance of the smartphone.

We are well aware that the major OxygenOS 13 upgrade accompanies a variety of new features. But at the same time, the OS has also welcomed many bugs and issues to the gadgets. One such is the performance lags that have annoyed the OnePlus smartphone users a lot in recent days. To solve this problem, the company released the December 2022 security update which has started offering goodness to the devices.

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As per the new revealings, a user drove into the community forum and described the surprising changes after installing the December 2022 update on his OnePlus 8 series model. Consequently, the OnePlus 8 phone owner reported that the latest firmware has increased the performance efficiency of the device extremely. The new results are faster and smoother than before.

“Today I got the new OOS 13 update (f.15) and let me tell you, the performance boost is insane. My phone feels faster and snappier than ever.”

To prove his point, the user further shared screenshots of benchmark scores. Eventually, the single-core score was 882 and the multi-core score was 2981 before the installation. However, the scores got a new raise of 918 and 3148 for single and multi-core respectively after the December 2022 update.

OnePlus 8 series December 2022 updateOnePlus 8 series December 2022 update

Another plus point is, the firmware also works in improving the battery life of the device. The user mentioned that the battery drain is also miles better and the phone feels well-optimized in comparison to earlier days. Hence, you should also download the new update as it knocks on the notification panel of your OnePlus 8 series smartphone.

For the moment, the update is taking place within Europe boundaries. But the company will soon push it off in other regions. Meanwhile, OnePlus 8 series users can check the update section in the Settings menu, and can try the manual installation.


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