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Samsung releases October 2020 security patch details

Samsung has already started to rollout October 2020 security update for the Galaxy Note 10 and Note 20 series. The South Korean tech giant has announced the October 2020 security patch bulletin for its devices.

Along with Google security patches, Samsung provides 21 Samsung Vulnerabilities and Exposures (SVE) items, in order to improve customer’s confidence in the security of Samsung Mobile devices.

The October 2020 security patch from Samsung fixes different levels of exploits and issues within Samsung phones including 5 Critical and 36 High levels of CVEs. No moderate or low level of CVEs found in this month’s security patch. You can check the complete detail of CVEs below.

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The following are the CVE announced in the October 2020 Samsung Android security bulletin. 




CVE-2019-13994, CVE-2020-3634, CVE-2019-10629, CVE-2019-10628, CVE-2020-3621


CVE-2018-11970, CVE-2019-13995, CVE-2020-11129, CVE-2020-3671, CVE-2020-0407, CVE-2019-10527, CVE-2019-14117, CVE-2020-3656, CVE-2020-11124, CVE-2020-3617, CVE-2019-14074, CVE-2019-13992, CVE-2019-10596, CVE-2020-3620, CVE-2020-3622, CVE-2020-3629, CVE-2020-0404, CVE-2020-11133, CVE-2020-0408, CVE-2020-0420, CVE-2020-0421, CVE-2020-0246, CVE-2020-0412, CVE-2020-0419, CVE-2020-0411, CVE-2020-0414, CVE-2020-0215, CVE-2020-0416, CVE-2020-0377, CVE-2020-0378, CVE-2020-0398, CVE-2020-0400, CVE-2020-0410, CVE-2020-0413, CVE-2020-0415, CVE-2020-0114



Already included in previous updates

CVE-2020-0402, CVE-2020-0213, CVE-2019-2194

Not applicable to Samsung devices

CVE-2020-0278, CVE-2020-0342, CVE-2020-11135, CVE-2020-3613, CVE-2020-0229, CVE-2020-0123, CVE-2020-0422

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