OxygenOS 13.1 or One UI 5.1: Which will win the title of best software upgrade?

OxygenOS 13.1 One UI 5.1 upgrade

OxygenOS 13.1 and One UI 5.1 are the latest coming upgrade and trendy topics among users. Smartphone fans are looking forward to knowing what these iterations will bring to the surface and which of these will wear the crown of the best software upgrade.

And why not! Both OnePlus and Samsung are touching new heights with their amazing products. These manufacturers never miss a chance to surprise their users with ultimate gadgets and eye-catching features. And so applies to their software elements as well.

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As per the input revealings, both ‘.1’ suffix upgrades will bring some useful enhancements over their predecessors. However, it will be worth seeing which upgrade will offer better functions, features, and optimizations to their users.

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To begin with, One UI 5.1 will make its debut on the consumer platform on February 01, with the gigantic flagship – Galaxy S23 series. Consequently, not only one but Samsung lovers will find two dynamic offerings on the user ground.

Adding more to this matter, the features wishlist for the coming One UI firmware includes efficient Battery Widgets, useful Multi-user profiles, a redesigned User Interface, Camera Features, and System Improvements.

OxygenOS 13.1 One UI 5.1 upgrade

OxygenOS 13.1

In addition to One UI 5.1, we have the OxygenOS 13.1 upgrade that will keep its legs on the unveiling stage in June 2023. Although there are chances that we could also find its first glimpse on February 7, when the company will release the OnePlus 11 global version.

With the next OxygenOS version, the Chinese tech maker is promising improvements to all the defects that have troubled its users with OxygenOS 13. Accordingly, smartphone users have also mentioned some key elements that they would like to see in OxygenOS 13.1.

A few of them are battery widget features, simple yet advanced user interface, dual-audio features, new gestures, effective system improvements, and more. In terms of One UI 5.1, the expectations of good and enhanced features are more from OxygenOS 13.1. Although, we don’t know what the Chinese tech giant is planning for it.

One UI 5.1 before OxygenOS 13.1

Since Samsung will release the One UI 5.1 prior to the OxygenOS 13.1, there are some chances for OnePlus to sneak and take some inspiration from the Korean manufacturer. But who knows, OnePlus could serve more benefits than Samsung in terms of upgrades, this time.

There is still a question mark on this subject, but we will soon let you know which iteration will become the king of the best software upgrade. Stay Tuned. Till then, let us know which build is the winner of the best upgrade in your opinion, through the comment section.