These Samsung Galaxy devices have received the June 2021 security patch [LIST]

Samsung has started rolling out the June 2021 update to the Galaxy devices. According to the official information, the June 2021 security update comes with 47 security fixes developed by Google and 19 developed by Samsung.

Two of them were critical fixes, 30 high-impact, including 3 that are Samsung-specific, and 13 fixes for moderate severity issues.


Here’s every Samsung Galaxy device updated so far. (JULY 03, 2021)

Samsung Galaxy S-Series Devices:

Galaxy S21 5G — G991BXXU3AUE8/G991BXXU3AUF2/G991BXXU3AUF6 (International)
Galaxy S21+ 5G — G996BXXU3AUE8/G996BXXU3AUF2/G996BXXU3AUF6 (International)
Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G — G998BXXU3AUE8/G998BXXU3AUF2/G998BXXU3AUF6 (International)

Galaxy S21 5G — G991U1UES3AUE3/G991USQU4AUF5 (US Unlocked and Locked)
Galaxy S21+ 5G — G996U1UES3AUE3/G995USQU4AUF5 (US Unlocked and Locked)
Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G — G998U1UES3AUE3/G998USQU4AUF5 (US Unlocked and Locked)
Galaxy S20 — G981BXXS8DUE4 (International)
Galaxy S20+ — G986BXXS8DUE4 (International)
Galaxy S20 Ultra — G988BXXS8DUE4 (International)
Galaxy S20 5G — G981U1UES2DUE2/G981USQS2DUE2 (US Unlocked and Locked)

Galaxy S20 5G UW — G981VSQS2DUE2 (US Locked)
Galaxy S20+ 5G — G986U1UES2DUE2/G986USQS2DUE2 (US Unlocked and Locked)
Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G — G988U1UES2DUE2/G988USQS2DUE2 (US Unlocked and Locked)
Galaxy S20 FE 5G — G7810ZCS2CUE2 (International)

Galaxy S20 FE — G780FXXU4CUF1 (International)
Galaxy S10e — G970FXXSBFUE6 (International)
Galaxy S10 — G973FXXSBFUE6 (International)
Galaxy S10+ — G975FXXSBFUE6 (International)
Galaxy S10 5G — G977BXXS8FUE5 (International)

Galaxy S10 Lite — G770FXXU4EUF1/G770U1UEU3DUF1 (International and US Unlocked)

Galaxy S10e — G970U1UEU5GUE4/G970USQS5GUE3 (US Unlocked and Locked)
Galaxy S10 — G973U1UEU5GUE4/G973USQS5GUE3 (US Unlocked and Locked)
Galaxy S10+ — G975U1UEU5GUE4/G975USQS5GUE3 (US Unlocked and Locked)


Samsung Galaxy Note-Series Devices:

Galaxy Note 20 5G — N981U1UES2DUE1/N981USQS2DUE2 (US Unlocked and Locked)
Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G — N986U1UES2DUE1/N986USQS2DUE2 (US Unlocked and Locked)
Galaxy Note 20 5G — N981BXXS2DUF1 (International)
Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G — N981BXXS2DUF1 (International)
Galaxy Note 10 — N970USQS6FUE3 (US Locked)
Galaxy Note 10+ — N975USQS6FUE3 (US Locked)

Galaxy Note 10+ 5G — N976VVRS6FUE3 (US Locked)
Galaxy Note 9 — N960FXXS8FUE5 (International)

Galaxy Note 10 Lite — N770FXXS7EUE5 (International)


Samsung Galaxy Z & Fold-Series Devices:

Galaxy Z Flip 5G — F707BXXS3DUE1/F707USQS2CUE1/F707USQS2CUE1 (International, US Locked, and US Unlocked)
Galaxy Z Flip — F700FXXS5DUE1/F700USQS4DUE1 (International and US Locked)
Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G — F916BXXS1DUE5/F916USQS1DUE3 (International and US Locked)
Galaxy Fold — F900FXXS5EUE2 (International)


Other Samsung Galaxy Devices:

Galaxy A8 (2018) — A530FXXSKCUF1 (International)
Galaxy A50 — A505FDDU8CUE4 (International)

Galaxy A50 — A505USQUCDUE4 (US)
Galaxy A52 — A525FXXS2AUE2 (International)
Galaxy A52 5G — A526BXXS1AUE3 (International)

Galaxy A20 — A205FNPUUACUF1 (International)

Galaxy A50 — A505USQUCDUE4 (US)

Galaxy A72 — A725FXXU2AUF3 (International)

Galaxy M10 — M105YDXU7CUF2/M105GDXU7CUF2 (International)

Galaxy A30 — A305NKSU5CUF2 (International)

Galaxy J3 2017 — J330FNXXS4CUF1 (International)

Galaxy A10e — A102USQSBBUF6 (International)

Galaxy J7 2017 — J730GMUBSCCUF3 (International)

Galaxy M21 — M215FXXU2BUF1 (International)

UPDATED: The list is being updated regularly. Last Updated on July 03, 2021.

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