Samsung February 2024 Security Patch Details

Samsung published February 2024 Security Patch Details for Galaxy devices  

Samsung has recently published the February 2024 Android security patch bulletin which details all the fixes and improvements which the latest update brings for Galaxy devices. On the other side, the testing of One UI 6.1 also continues for Galaxy devices to offer users a refined experience.

According to the details, the February 2024 security patch brings fixes for exploits and vulnerabilities from Google and Samsung including 3 critical and 76 high levels of CVEs for the Android operating system. In addition, Samsung provides fixes for 8 Vulnerabilities and Exposures (SVE) items to improve user experience.

Consequently, the rollout of the February 2024 Android security patch has also begun with Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Galaxy Z Fold 3 in Europe. However, the South Korean tech giant will not take much time to expand the reach of the latest month’s security patch to more devices, so keep checking the software update section of your Galaxy phones.


  • CVE-2023-21651, CVE-2023-33025, CVE-2024-0031


  • CVE-2023-33042, CVE-2023-33043, CVE-2023-33044, CVE-2023-4295, CVE-2023-5427, CVE-2023-21165, CVE-2023-32872, CVE-2023-33033, CVE-2023-33037, CVE-2023-33030, CVE-2023-33032, CVE-2023-33014, CVE-2023-33040, CVE-2023-28567, CVE-2023-28565, CVE-2023-28564, CVE-2023-28548, CVE-2023-28544, CVE-2023-28558, CVE-2023-28559, CVE-2022-33275, CVE-2023-28560, CVE-2023-28557, CVE-2023-33112, CVE-2023-43511, CVE-2023-33062, CVE-2023-33109, CVE-2023-33117, CVE-2023-33110, CVE-2023-33120, CVE-2023-33094, CVE-2023-33114, CVE-2023-33113, CVE-2023-43514, CVE-2023-48352, CVE-2023-48351, CVE-2023-48349, CVE-2023-48350, CVE-2023-48348, CVE-2023-48344, CVE-2023-48342, CVE-2023-48341, CVE-2023-48343, CVE-2023-48340, CVE-2024-0029, CVE-2024-0032, CVE-2024-0034, CVE-2024-0036, CVE-2024-0038, CVE-2024-0041, CVE-2023-40122, CVE-2024-0037, CVE-2024-0040, CVE-2024-0014, CVE-2024-0033, CVE-2024-0035, CVE-2023-40093, CVE-2024-0030


  • None

Already included in previous updates

  • CVE-2023-33036, CVE-2023-33108

Not applicable to Samsung devices

  • CVE-2023-32874, CVE-2023-33085

One UI Patch Details

  • SVE-2023-1449(CVE-2024-20810): Implicit intent hijacking vulnerability in Smart Suggestions
  • SVE-2023-1548(CVE-2024-20811): Improper caller verification in GosSystemService
  • SVE-2023-1609(CVE-2024-20812): Out-of-bounds Write in padmd_vld_htbl of
  • SVE-2023-1610(CVE-2024-20813): Out-of-bounds Write in padmd_vld_qtbl of
  • SVE-2023-1674(CVE-2024-20814): Out-of-bounds Read in padmd_vld_ac_prog_refine of
  • SVE-2023-1685(CVE-2024-20816, CVE-2024-20815): Improper authentication vulnerability in Auto Hotspot
  • SVE-2023-1754(CVE-2024-20819, CVE-2024-20818, CVE-2024-20817): Out of bounds Write vulnerabilities in
  • SVE-2023-2215(CVE-2024-20820): Out-of-bounds read vulnerability in bootloader

Samsung February 2024 Security Patch Details


Samsung published February 2024 Security Patch Details for Galaxy devices  

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