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Yep! OnePlus Nord N10 receiving OxygenOS 11.0.8 update in global market

OnePlus Nord N10 OxygenOS 11.0.8 update

Wow! After a long time, we heard about a new OxygenOS 11.0.8 update for the OnePlus Nord N10 devices. The update is making its way into the global market with some useful improvements and an updated security patch.

The information is appearing on the official community forum where a spokesperson has shared the update post with the title “OxygenOS 11.0.8 for the OnePlus Nord N10”. On the flip side, the person also informed why there has been a long pause in the software distribution cycle for the respective devices.

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As per the details, the company stopped the incremental rollout of OxygenOS 11.0.8 for the Nord N10 devices on 23rd September due to some technical reasons. However, things are normal again, and the tech maker has initiated the update version circulation.

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Besides, OnePlus has also apologized for the late announcement and further said to avoid such matters from happening. It would be worth seeing how the tech maker will keep on its word in the upcoming days.

“We are sorry for announcing it late in the Community. After communicating with the relevant team and refreshing the synchronization, we will complete the relevant threads at once and avoid such matters from happening again.”

Coming on to the other details – the OnePlus Nord N10 devices are grabbing OxygenOS 11.0.8 update in the global market with the following versions:

  • OnePlus Nord N10 (Europe) – 11.0.8.BE89BA
  • OnePlus Nord N10 (Global) – 11.0.8.BE86AA

Adding more, the changelog of the new update shows the presence of the September 2022 security patch. Being an updated patch, it will help in maintaining the overall stability of the security system.

  • Integrates the September 2022 Android security patch
  • Enhances the system security

OnePlus Nord N10 OxygenOS 11.0.8 update


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