Sony released PlayStation 5 system update 22.01-05.50

Sony today released the PlayStation 5 system update 22.01-05.50, which brings the automatic low latency mode (ALLM) option to the console. Users can modify it in the “Screen and Video” option in the “Settings” menu. When enabled, connecting to an ALLM-enabled TV will automatically switch to low latency mode while gaming.


In addition to adding a new ALLM option, the new firmware further improves the system performance of the host. Sony PlayStation 5 also supported the VRR variable refresh rate in April. On HDMI 2.1 VRR compatible TVs and PC monitors, VRR will dynamically synchronize the refresh rate of the display to the graphics output of the PS5 host.

Moreover, VRR greatly reduces or eliminates visual distortions such as tearing. Many PS5 titles will have a smoother playing experience thanks to fast scene rendering times, sharper image quality, and reduced input lag. Coupled with ALLM support, Sony PlayStation 5 will get a better gaming experience with a gaming TV.



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