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Elon Musk renames Twitter’s TweetDeck to XPro

Twitter owner Elon Musk is playing another name-changing game, where he has renamed the TweetDeck to XPro. Since the online social media app reads most of the elements with an X-tag, “TweetDeck” no longer suits that context. Hence, the company is imposing a new term on it.

According to the main page of Twitter, the TweetDeck is now known as XPro. Note that just like the application name, the URL for TweetDeck remains the same – tweetdeck.twitter.com.

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The new name still sounds strange and doesn’t roll off the tongue. Let’s see what else change we will find for this application in the coming days.

TweetDeck XPro


Elon Musk renames Twitter’s TweetDeck to XPro

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