Elon Musk wishes to make a new mobile operating system after leaving Facebook: Rumor

Recently, WhatsApp has started sending a new in-app notice that recommends users accept the revised terms of services. As per the info, the new policies of WhatsApp force users to allow their data sharing among all the Facebook companies.

Taking part in the discussion of WhatsApp’s controversial terms of services, the world’s second-richest person, Elon Musk has recently suggested everyone “Use Signal” via his Twitter post.

Signal is a messaging application that is operated by a non-profit organization that can be an alternate option of WhatsApp, Facebook Messanger, and Apple’s iMessage.

Recently, a rumor surfaced on the internet claiming that the CEO of Tesla has left Facebook and declared that he can quickly develop a new mobile operating system that can replace the monopoly of Android and Apple’s iOS.

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However, the rumor has not yet been able to confirm its authenticity, but Elon Musk publicly criticized Facebook many times before. Even, Musk reportedly deleted all content on Facebook yesterday, and since then completely quit Facebook.

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