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Gboard adds new pill-shaped Assistant voice typing toolbar for Pixel Tablet 

Google is bringing big change for the users of Pixel Tablets, by adding a new pill-shaped Assistant voice typing toolbar in Gboard. This new addition will allow users to use the voice typing feature more accurately. Because now your tablet doesn’t show the full keyboard when Assistant voice typing is triggered.

With this addition, Google aims to let its users see more of their screen when voice typing. Now, when starting Assistant Voice Typing through Gboard on your Pixel Tablet, users will see a pill-shaped toolbar. This overflow menu at the left provides access to Settings, Show voice commands, Show Clipboard, and Show Translate.

Further, there is an option to open the emoji/expressive keyboard in a floating window, while instructional prompts appear in the middle. At the right, users will get a button to bring back the full keyboard and the microphone to start/stop the speech-to-text, which looks cleaner and more adequate than the previous one.

Not only this, but Google also provides users the ability to move the toolbar anywhere, including the left/right edge of your screen. However, the change is rolling out with version 13.7 of Gboard and its available on Pixel Tablet running Android 14 QPR1 stable version and could also reach more devices like foldable in the future.

 Gboard pill-shaped voice typing toolbar


Gboard adds new pill-shaped Assistant voice typing toolbar for Pixel Tablet 

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