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Google Assistant now lets owners find misplaced iPhones

by Mohit

Recently, Google has announced some new support features as others become more widely available. As the availability of assistant routines increases, Google is increasingly allowing iPhone owners to find defective devices with smart displays and speakers.

“Hey Google, find or ring my phone” is a very helpful command at home. On Apple’s platform, the assistant will now make a regular phone call to your mobile number. The switch is on but the experience on Android is further enhanced with voice command.

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Similar capabilities are now coming to iOS through the Google Home app. Once users have set up critical alerts, they will receive “Find your phone with an Assistant” notifications with a custom ringing sound. The iPhone is muted and the DND is enabled, but it still plays. It seems that Apple has given the Home App a special warning right to skip the current device settings and enable critical voices.

At the same time, as Google has previously telegraphed, duplex take-outs on the web can help. When ordering from restaurants found in the Google app on Android, you first make the menu options as usual.

However, during the final “checkout” process, the assistant will be invited to “automatically navigate to the site and fill out the form to save your contact and payment details in Google Pay and sync to Chrome Autofill”.

Like movie tickets, the sheet slides up to allow Android users to walk through the process. Google will be the first person to partner with selected networks before expanding to more restaurant partners later this year. This capability further enhances Google’s duplex, an umbrella term for efforts to help users do strenuous, multi-step tasks.

Google provides sunrise and sunset triggers for helpful routines around the world. This redesign of the macro creation process includes a tutorial on the proposed functionality and allows users to install home screen shortcuts on Android. Reconstruction first began in December.


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