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Google Chrome adopts custom share sheet on Android 14

Google is constantly adding useful changes to its application regarding the next Android version. In the latest edition, Google Chrome is adopting a custom share sheet in Android 14. Though the app has offered a customized sharing window in the mobile version. But it’s time to grab some more new tweaks.

Compared to the earlier layout, the Google Chrome app’s share sheet in Android 14 appears in a card style which comprises a site favicon, page name, and URL with a significant copy tab on the right side. Eventually, users would be able to access long screenshots, Print, Send to devices, and QR codes, depending on the browser.

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Ahead, you will get Direct Share contacts and groups with frequent share targets. Instead of more taps and a two-stage process, you have to scroll up to expand the share sheet completely. These changes are showing up with the Chrome 116.0.5845.92 version and rolling out into stable from the Play Store.

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Google Chrome share sheet Android 14

(Old vs New)


Google Chrome adopts custom share sheet on Android 14

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