Google Messages to bring AI-generated replies for better chat experience

Google Messages AI-generated replies

Google Messages has shown several new features in recent days, and now it’s time for AI-generated replies. As per the revealings, the company is preparing a new feature that will enhance the chat experience and further improve the ‘replying to a text’ method.

According to the latest beta version of Google Messages, the tech maker is trying to impose a new feature namely – AI-generated replies, to the application. From the name, the function will let you respond to a text using AI technologies.

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The details show a new sparkle icon in the composition box of the app. When clicked, it highlights nothing except “(TODO!)” in the box. Consequently, this indicates that the tool is in the development stage for the moment and could bring a complete message in the time ahead.

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So far, the company has offered the Smart Reply element to its users that enables them to send a brief reply to a text instantly. But as defined, you can only send one or two texts under this feature.

Google Messages AI-generated replies

On the other hand, the AI-based tech will let you do some extra things over Smart Reply. Firstly, it will restrict the automated sent messages, allowing users to check the text once and alter it accordingly. Next, the feature may adopt more clear and in-depth text responses in comparison to Smart Reply.

Perhaps, the manufacturer could replace the previous response tool with a new AI-based tech. Although, the feature has just appeared in an APK file for the moment. Thus, it won’t be right to assume its existence in the stable version.

It would be interesting to see how Google makes its Messages app more effective and responsive for its users with AI tech. Let’s wait a few more days and we will surely get some favorable tweaks on this matter.


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