Google Pay New Feature: App gets a search bar in the rewards tab

Update 1, December 16 (13:10 ET) ― New update adds search bar

App gets a search bar in the rewards tab

Google Pay has finally added a search bar in the rewards tab, it ends endless scrolling pain, reports 9to5google. Now you can easily search for the various offers and cashback in the Google Pay app.

Earlier, users have to go through the scroll option to find the specific reward or offer. Good job Google.


NOVEMBER 19, 2021

Google Pay is one of the most famous online payment services, which allows users to safely transfer money and gives all details about the transactions. Recently, it announced a new Bill Split feature for Indian users, which will make group payments easier.

According to the latest information (via XDA), Google revealed a bunch of new features that are going to release for its apps and service in different regions. In addition to the Bill Spilt feature, the company is also releasing Hinglish support in Google Pay.

Hinglish, the word itself defines the meaning i.e. it is a conversational mixture of Hindi and English, widely used in all forms of online communication in the region.

Google Pay will become the first app at Google to have Hinglish support, and the company will expand this feature to more apps. Google Pay users will receive this feature in early 2022.

Google Pay

Google Pay currently supports only seven regional languages such as Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Marathi, Tamil, and Telugu. To use the app in Hinglish, users will be able to change the language option from the app settings.

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