Google Photos will soon add enhanced image search filters

by Mohit

According to the latest info, Google is working on important improvements to its Google Photos search engine. Now Google Photos and the features it brings, the search feature can do it with some extra tweaks. User, you can find people, pets, places, and so much more, but it looks like Google Photos will soon be able to avoid that trouble with advanced search filters or image tags.

It is worth noting that we do not easily know if these advanced search filters can be found in Google Photos, but they were discovered by Jane Manchun Wong, showing that at least some work is going into the option. When using the search field, it looks like we could soon tug a huge “Filters” field that lets you dial in options like “Selfies,” “Videos,” and “Motion Photos.”


There may also be an option to quickly view any archived images using these potential search filters. The advantage here is that you can find a specific location and then toggle all the selfies or videos taken at that location, if you have to have multiple photos/videos, scrolling time will be saved. Effectively, this only extends to the already powerful text search features in Google Photos.

Not many people know that you can be ridiculously accurate when looking for an image in your library. Add search filters that you can tweak If you want something specific, but can’t find exactly what text to insert to pull the right content, large Google photo libraries will be handled or at least truncated.

At this point, Google simply doesn’t know if these options will come in the static build of Google Photos. This is simple evidence that the work is ongoing, but it is impossible to know whether it will ever see the light of day. That said, it will streamline many Google Photos users’ searches there, we’re sure.

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