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Google Search app gets new Grammar Checker feature

Google Search has recently attained a set of new features related to users’ privacy and is now getting an interesting Grammar Checker tool. As the name reflects, the latest addition to the application will help to improve and frame sentences more precisely.

Notably, the Grammar Checker feature for Google Search came into existence last month. In the current scenario, the company is linking it with other in-built facilities of the application. For instance, speed test, color picker, spinner, meditation, calculator, flip a coin, roll a die, and metronome.

To analyze the language, the grammar checker uses AI systems. One can use the feature to check if a phrase or sentence is written in the correct way (grammatically) or how to correct it, if not. Though this capability is only available in English for the moment.

Google Search Grammar Checker

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In terms of access, just enter a sentence into Search along with ‘grammar checker’. If there aren’t any issues, the tool will show a green tick mark. Or else, it will rewrite the sentence, underlining the changes, and will further correct spelling mistakes. However, things might not be 100% accurate, especially with partial sentences.

You can read more about the feature HERE.

Google Search Grammar Checker


Google Search app gets new Grammar Checker feature

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