Huawei will soon add support for Japanese AI subtitles to voice assistant

Huawei technology stretch to pretty much every field including brilliant items assembling, Cloud and computing services, and software application development, and more. And so on the company is also taking the essential steps to grow in these fields.

Huawei is also advancing itself in the field of voice assistant technology and embedding it into its devices. Related to this, as per the latest information, the company has been started to test a new version of the company’s smart voice app on Huawei smartphones.

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The new version is committed to liberating users through advanced voice interaction technology. According to the changelog, this latest version brings many optimizations to provide a more enhanced user experience.

It was also mentioned that it will allow the app to provide support for Japanese AI subtitles for more ease of language transmissions.


  • Update version: Users can identify this update with the built version
  • Update size: It contains a 56.1MB update package size


  • Optimize the ease of use of AI subtitles, and add support for AI subtitles in call scenes. Daily drama chasing and communication are more relaxed and enjoyable (only for ROM 11.0 and above).
  • Optimize the weather function, accurately sense cold and warm, and respond to weather changes in time
  • Access to quark chat, add a new chat function to help you pass the boring time
  • Optimize smooth connection-number return

Not a long ago, Huawei Assistant honored as the first-ever virtual smartphone assistant to support an Esports ‘card’. Now, users can enjoy live scores, results, and sports headlines of the major gaming events.

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