OnePlus Community display device feature

OnePlus Community app now avails ‘hide and display device’ feature

OnePlus has availed the “hide and display device information” feature in the Community application. As of now, users would be able to conceal or portray the information of the device as per their accordance, without facing any restriction.

Consequently, the tech giant keeps introducing new features to its app and services. Perhaps, these actions help in providing an efficient and a more comprehensive experience to its users. Also, it helps in making the particular app or service more productive.

So far, the manufacturer unveiled the Device Source feature with the Community app’s March 2023 update. Many users praised this addition as its shows which model or device is being used by the users on the thread.

Though the feature was not having a negative impact, a few users said that it’s unnecessary information and that one should be able to hide or show it whenever they wish. (Read the full story HERE)

Gladly, the company has now integrated the hide and display device feature with the OnePlus Community app. As per the new inputs, the addition has appeared in the beta version v4.12.0. Thus, users can manage the visibility of information in a better way.

OnePlus Community display device feature

How to enable or disable it?

Earlier, the feature was set to default mode. However, now you have the choice to alter the settings in just a few simple steps. Initially, go to the User Profile section and click on Settings. Now select the Privacy option.

The respective tab will open a new page showing the Display device source with a toggle. Accordingly, you can turn it on or off. Next, if you are residing in India, then you can directly head to OnePlus WhatsApp support by clicking on the headphone icon on the profile in Community App.

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As mentioned, the feature has appeared in the beta version. Hence, it may not be available for everyone. Although the tech giant will roll out the new feature on a broader spectrum in the coming days.

OnePlus Community display device feature

OnePlus Community app now avails ‘hide and display device’ feature

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