OnePlus users pleased with new OxygenOS Community app features, except for one

OnePlus Community app features new

OnePlus has just released a new update for the Community App that brings a huge bundle of exciting features. From adding emojis and gifs in posts to reporting and blocking a user, OnePlus fans will now get a better platform to explore their interests accordingly.

Several consumers are showing their gratitude and happiness to the company for sharing a variety of new features for the OnePlus Community App. These features are not only beneficial in terms of performance but also amplify the user experience to the next level.

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While every part of the latest Community app update offers new perks to OnePlus users, there is an element that didn’t satisfy the consumers much. Yes! We are talking about the “Device Source Label” that has created a bizarre in users’ minds.

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From the term, the feature highlights your phone’s name at the bottom of your posts in the community app. Although, it does not reveal any confidential information about consumers. Yet most of the individuals agreed that there wasn’t any need for this element.

Adding more to the comment, a user said that the company should enable users to suppress or reveal the information in their accordance, without hindering someone’s privacy.

“With the latest update, the model of the phone we use to post on the community, it’s shown at the bottom of our posts. I think that is unnecessary information and users should be able to hide or show it whenever they want.”

Ironically, it looks like the company wants to see the number of devices from its brand. At the same time, a user said that it is not unnecessary as many times users post their issues without telling what device they are using. Thus, at some point, it is good as well.

OnePlus Community app features new

Apart from this exception, users are praising every element of the update. Especially, the block and delete options. You can further check what’s new in the update, below.

  • Emoji and Gifs in posts
  • Report and Delete direct messages
  • Hide the content you don’t like
  • Option to block users
  • Device source label
  • Circles recommendation in the editor
  • The limit for videos has been increased from 100MB to 300MB
  • Add a join button on the All Circle page
  • Fixed bugs

So OnePlus fans! How will you vote for this feature on the community app? Are you against it, or is it fine from your side? Let us know in the comment section.

OnePlus Community app features new


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