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OnePlus File Manager app gets OxygenOS 13.10.8 update

OnePlus File Manager app is now getting the June 2023 update with OxygenOS 13.10.8 version. This update adds a handful of bug fixes. Alongside this, the application users will find some useful improvements for the overall functioning of the application.

According to the latest inputs, OnePlus File Manager App gets the new OxygenOS 13.10.8 update with a software package of 25.04 MB. To be noted, the beneficial app build won’t take up much space in your device and you can install it without thinking twice.

In terms of changes, the update reads a specific note for the app. Eventually, the tech maker informs that the files in the Manager often become invisible. This is because the Google team has made some changes to optimize the privacy policy. Hence, you need not worry about data loss, as it is still there on your phone.

The fresh version is rolling out in the stable format. But before installing it, make sure that your OnePlus handset is running the latest Android operating system on the surface. Or else, it may lead to abnormal functioning of the application.

OnePlus File Manager OxygenOS 13.10.8

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  • OnePlus File Manager App – OxygenOS v13.10.8

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Latest Information – What’s new in the June 2023 update?

If you find the files in the Android/data or Android/OBB folder unable to be seen, please don’t worry, all the relevant data is still stored in the phone. This is because the Google team has hidden these folders in consideration of optimizing the privacy policy, so some files can‘t be viewed. If you need to check relevant information, please try to find it in the third-party Apps.

OnePlus File Manager app gets OxygenOS 13.10.8 update

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