New Bedtime Mode with integrated Digital Wellbeing comes with latest Samsung Clock update

Samsung is continuously providing Android/security updates for its various eligible devices. The company has also released the One UI 3.1 for the Galaxy Tab S7 and S7+ back in January 2021 globally. Furthermore, Samsung’s several devices have also received the Android 11 upgrade.

Aside from the major updates, Samsung is also delivering new updates to the system applications with the latest features and improvements. Now, the Samsung Clock has started getting a new update which brings plenty of new features and integrations with Samsung Health.

Users can keep a track of their sleeping patterns with the latest version of the Samsung Clock app. Moreover, in the bedtime mode, they can set the daily sleep schedule to know how much sleep you will get during that time. The new Clock app will also remind users to go to bed as per their scheduled bedtime by integrating Android’s Digital Wellbeing app.

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Aside from this, the update also integrates the SmartThings functionality. It allows Samsung smart TV and SmartThings-compatible lights to play your favorite music and make the room brighter to wake up the user. On the main screen of the clock app, you can click “Sleep Details” below the alarm clock to go directly to Samsung Health’s sleep tracker. If you are a Galaxy Watch user, you can view detailed sleep statistics.

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