December 2022 update resulted in VoWiFi issues for OnePlus 7T users

December 2022 update resulted in VoWiFi issues for OnePlus 7T users

OnePlus has just released the December 2022 security update for the old yet most admirable smartphones – OnePlus 7 and 7T. Unfortunately, this is the last OxygenOS 12 update for the 7th version devices. While many users are happy with the new and final build, a few of them are stuck with the VoWiFi issues on their OnePlus 7T handset with the latest upgrade.

As per the input revealings, a user reported that he is constantly facing VoWiFi issues after installing the December 2022 patch on his OnePlus 7T device. Consequently, the feature has become unstable and is not working properly. Further, the bug is restricting the user to operate or perform any relatable task or function on his smartphone.

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What is the VoWiFi feature? VoWiFi reflects Voice Over WiFi. It provides a packet voice service with the help of a few profound technologies and via a WiFi network. An interesting benefit of this feature is, it allows calls without any mobile signal and usually results in clear conversations with faster connectivity.

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As of now, the feature has stopped working normally due to unknown issues in OnePlus 7T devices. Accordingly, the user reports that the respective network keeps on shifting to VoLTE even when the Wi-Fi connection is strong enough. This makes the phone holder unable to opt for VoWiFi calls.

December 2022 update resulted in VoWiFi issues for OnePlus 7T users

“Updated my 7T to F18 version, VoWiFi is not stable after the update and switches back to VoLTE frequently even with a strong WiFi connection. Unable to make VoWiFi calls.”

At this point, another user suggested restarting the device and checking for the network settings. Further, he said to reset the network functions and check whether the VoWiFi option is enabled or not. However, things didn’t make many changes to the device.

So OnePlus 7T smartphone users! Are you also facing any such issues in your device after the new update? If yes then let us know in the comment section.


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