OnePlus Nord 2T users dealing with list of issues after OxygenOS 13 update

OnePlus Nord 2T OxygenOS 13 issues

It’s been a few days since OnePlus Nord 2T obtained the major Android 13 update in the stable version. While many respective phone holders are happy and excited to see the new features, a few consumers are reporting various issues on their OnePlus Nord 2T handset after the OxygenOS 13 upgrade.

After installing the stable OxygenOS 13 to the OnePlus Nord 2T, a user ran to the community forum sharing a huge list of issues popping up on his handset. On reading between the lines, we found that almost every section of the smartphone is dealing with some or the other defect.

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To begin with, the list shows problems with the connectivity, display, and mainly with the user interface of the device. On the flip side, the user has also mentioned that even though the changelog reads optimizations, they aren’t good enough and did nothing to improve the performance.

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Here’s the list of the issues that the OnePlus Nord 2T phone holder has encountered after downloading the OxygenOS 13 firmware:

  • USB OTG connection doesn’t give notifications at all
  • Double Tap to Wake works sometime and sometime not
  • Horizon lights not working properly
  • HDR Playback still not supported
  • The incoming call bug is not fixed yet, when the screen is off
  • Auto brightness adjusts to low even when brightness is required
  • Gyroscope calibration is not proper yet, and not stable while playing games
  • 90Hz doesn’t work in most third-party apps, nor games while other devices work flawlessly
  • The camera still has not improved yet
  • Optimization is not good, the phone heats a lot within a short period while normal gaming
  • The screen automatically turns off while watching videos
  • Network problem, automatically the data and signal turn off, and takes time to activate
  • The battery drain has not been fixed yet

OnePlus Nord 2T OxygenOS 13 issues

Although the post details show that the user published these issues just the other day after the installation. Consequently, this could be a sign of an early adaptation process, where the device takes time to set itself up with the new operating system.

Moreover, we have already said that with every big upgrade, the device often goes under certain issues like improper functioning, overheating, freezing, power consumption, and other related issues. These are normal and take a few days for the handset to work effectively again.

Thus, give some time to your device if you are dealing with any such issue. Meanwhile, let us know in the comment section whether you are also going through the same issues or if everything is alright with your OnePlus Nord 2T model.


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