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Some Samsung and Pixel users facing ‘missing contacts’ issue

Google Pixel and Samsung smartphone users are facing an odd issue where contacts are missing from their devices. It seems as if, this scary bug is a result of the latest update that the US tech giant has pushed for Google Play Services.

Before we begin this story, let’s check out some flashbacks. A few days ago, we mentioned that Google Play System May 2023 update adds a new sync feature to the Contacts application. As the name reflects, this addition automatically synchronizes the respective app details on your Android phone.

But here lies the twist! In case you have not turned on this new functionality on your device, then you may lose contact. Perhaps, this could be a reason why Samsung and Pixel phone owners are reporting the missing contacts issue.

Of course, it is quite frightening to see a “No contacts in this account’ message on your handset’s screen. But don’t worry as they will still appear online at Meanwhile, you can restore them via Settings > Passwords & accounts > Account sync > Contacts toggle.

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The issue mainly affected Pixel devices from all generations. As mentioned, this could be due to the latest Play Services 23.20 version, and not because of the OS updates. Let’s see what action Google will take on this instance in the time ahead.

Samsung Pixel missing contacts issue


Some Samsung and Pixel users facing ‘missing contacts’ issue

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