OnePlus 9RT users facing ‘worst battery experience’ with OxygenOS 13 F.13 update

OnePlus 9RT battery F.13 update

OnePlus 9RT devices are the first to grip the latest February 2023 security patch. But it looks like that’s not exciting news for the respective phone owners. Eventually, OnePlus 9RT device users are busy dealing with the extreme battery drainage issue due to the OxygenOS F.13 update.

The information is appearing from the official community forum where a OnePlus 9RT user shared the battery problem. Ultimately, the user said that he is facing the ‘worst battery experience’ on his smartphone after the F.13 firmware version.

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Adding more, the user reported that 80% of the battery vanishes from the handset within 2 hours of screen time. Besides, he has to charge his phone twice a day even just for using it 8 hours in the office. Shockingly, the charging count increases when the user stays at home on weekends.

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To give proof, the OnePlus 9RT owner also shared screenshots of the battery usage section, which showed a huge decline in the percentage without any heavy operations or functioning on the device. Looking at the thread, several users agreed on this point and tried to account for some measures – battery optimizations, and so on.

OnePlus 9RT battery F.13 update

But here comes the twist! The user said that at present, he is running his 9RT model on the MT2111_11_F.13 version. Thus, we can assume that the issue could get solved by the recently released February 2023 security patch.

Defining the F.14 (new version) update, another consumer said:

“Also update to latest version F.14 I heard battery had improved a lot on it. You can use Oxygen Updater if the file is available there”

OnePlus 9RT battery F.13 update

Since the company has just pushed off the new OxygenOS 13 F.14 build with an updated security patch, it could take a few days to reach all the eligible units and other regions. Although, the severity of the battery issue in the OnePlus 9RT devices after the F.13 update defines that the company should take quick action.

So OnePlus 9RT users! Though we won’t recommend any third-party app for update installation, you can keep patience and wait for the F.14 version if you are going through the same battery scenario.


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