Samsung display grabs half of the market share in 2020 smartphone panel market

by Mohit

Samsung is the global leader in the display panel market. It specializes in high-quality displays for a variety of areas, including OLED (organic light-emitting diode), LCD technologies for mobile phones, IT, and industrial use.

According to the Strategy Analytics report, Samsung Display becomes the leading smartphone display panel market with a 50% revenue share followed by BOE Technology with 15% and 8% LG display in CY 2020.

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The development of OLED display technology in the distribution network of major smartphone vendors led to a 7% increase in smartphone display panel revenue in 2020, leading to the export of OLED panels to consumers. By 2020, the top three display panel vendors in the global smartphone display panel market will have a 73% share of the revenue.

The report suggests that the global smartphone display panel market will have reached $43 billion in revenue by 2020. “Smartphone Display Panel Market Share Q4 2020: Samsung Display Remains Top, Achieves Record Revenue Share.”

However, the strong annual demand and display panel for 5G drive smartphones have led to market growth. Also, the launch of the all-new device based on flexible OLED and rigid OLED display panels help the revenue growth of the smartphone OLED panel segment in 2020.

Moreover, Samsung Display achieved record smartphone panel revenue as the strongest design success among major devices. As OLED demand grows, sellers will face more competition from LG Display, BOE Technology, Visionox, and TCL CSOT.

Finally, the display panel storage of smartphone OEMs powered by 5G and high-end display technologies is expected to be stable by 2021. At the same time, the company hopes that LCD displays will lag behind OLED displays in the smartphone display panel market.

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