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Intel planning to the power efficient ATX12VO Power Connector For Alder Lake-S Motherboards

by Ashish

Almost all motherboards use the classic 24-pin configuration, but Intel hopes to make changes to the 12th-generation Alder Lake platform. Intel hopes to make the ATX12VO power connector a standard configuration for Alder Lake-S motherboards. They were sent a list outlining the use of ATX12VO power connectors for the motherboard and power supply.

ATX12VO is officially known as the “Single-rail power desktop platform size ATX12VO” power standard. The advantage of using this power supply is that it is more efficient than traditional 24-pin connectors.

Tests have shown that this new connector can reduce power by half when it is idle, but the increase in power efficiency is not as important as the load has been increased to full load. The requirement for this is to have the correct 10-pin power connector and a motherboard compatible with the power supply.

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For the design of the motherboard, this means that the 10-pin power connector only has a 12V power rail. This means that the motherboard must convert any voltage higher or lower than 12V. In general, the use of ATX12VO power connectors will lead to more complex motherboard designs, thereby improving power efficiency. For more information about the ATX12VO power connector, please read this Hardware Luxx article.

Intel might be actively pursuing the use of ATX12VO power connectors on Alder Lake-S motherboards. However, Intel faces huge resistance from motherboard and power supply manufacturers.

The extensive implementation of the ATX12VO connector makes the design of the motherboard more complicated and increases the steps of manufacturing power supplies. The notes show that it will take 4 to 5 months before the necessary motherboards and power supplies are ready to be sold. It’s in September this year.

The ATX12VO power connector may not be seen in many high-end motherboards but may begin to seek ways to use it for budget and entry-level motherboards in pre-built systems to achieve the best power efficiency. The ATX12VO power connector has some great advantages, but it will definitely take time to be widely accepted.


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