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Intel’s 12th Gen Alder Lake-S platform could arrive on your desktop soon

by Mohit

Intel’s 12th General Alder Lake-S platform can come up with the holidays on your desktop. The chipmaker told its partners that the 10nm Alder Lake-S could launch in November, and the timeline could change, Wccftech reported.

At a virtual CES conference earlier this year, platforms with 16 cores and 24 threads were previewed, and it is unclear whether global semiconductor shortages will still affect Alder Lake’s November-November launch. Intel has previously said that chip supplies will suffer in 2022.

Alder Lake offers major changes to Intel’s processor architecture design. With Alder Lake, Intel is using an asymmetric core design that combines large Sunny Cove cores with smaller Gracemont cores. Intel’s change shows what Arm is doing for smartphones and tablets, and is expected to boost performance, while at the same time increasing power efficiency by combining high-capacity cores with high-capacity cores.

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Previously, leaked Intel slides showed that structural changes to Alder Lake could reach 2x multilayer performance gains with 20% single-thread performance improvements and a Gracemont core for the Golden Cove core, and a better 10nm superfine design.

The platform aims to support exciting features such as the new PCI 5.0 standard, as well as faster DDR5 memory. As of the latest leak, PCIe 5.0 is supported on all boards, although DDR5 may not be available on all motherboards.

If your intended motherboard does not support DDR5, Alder Lake will be the default to DDR4. Less expensive boards are expected to support the DDR4 memory standard, while more premium motherboards are released with DDR5 support. Given the current memory shortage, it is unclear at this point whether Elder Lake will have enough DDR5 modules for memory manufacturers.

Alder Lake needs a new LGA 1700 socket, so Alder Lake viewers should choose the new board. Wccftech reports that a cooler is needed in the new socket. Although this is an expensive upgrade – you will need to purchase both a chip and a motherboard to update your gaming rig, along with new memory – the good news is that Intel is developing a new socket strategy.

Like rival AMD, Intel is exploring a more platform-incognito strategy for its socket design, although this has not been confirmed. This means that future processor generations can use the same socket. The change in design philosophy makes it more environmentally friendly and affordable for gamers and creators, forcing them to upgrade once the new chip generation is launched.

On mobile, the combination of Alder Lake’s odd cores helps Intel achieve the power capability required in laptops to compete with Apple’s M1 Silicon. The high-capacity core is expected to give a big boost to battery life.

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