Apple might feature Electronic Paper Display in future foldable devices

Apple foldable devices display

Apple foldable devices and their traits such as display and other features are the new discussions among the Apple fans. While pushing off the beta updates to its hardware products, the company has also given its hands-on foldable planning. According to the analyst, the first foldable from the American tech giant will take place by the year 2025.


Now the same analyst further reports that Apple has started working on new display technology for foldable devices. According to Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple is testing E Ink’s Electronic Paper Display for future foldable products. Further, this display mechanism might also take place in tablet-like applications.


As per the info, the color EPD (Electronic Paper Display) has the potential to become a mainstream solution for foldable devices. On the flip side, the observer also states that it has the ability of power-saving. As a result, it could serve as a second screen for foldable gadgets.

Apple foldable devices display

Up to this point, we came across many rumors and speculations about the foldable devices. Last month, we also heard that the layout of the device would derive from the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold. As the Samsung flip-flop gadget has the capability of turning into a tablet which has attracted the American tech maker to the utmost.

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