Huawei is now selling Sony PlayStation 5 gaming console on its online store

In April, Sony released the new PlayStation 5 (PS5) gaming console, which comes in two variants for Chinese consumers, with the digital and storage edition priced at 3099 yuan and 3899 yuan, respectively.

The pre-sale of the Sony PS5 has opened across many platforms and has sold out very fast. Although the number of PlayStation players in China is not large, most players still want to grab a piece because it was sold before they could get one.

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For now, it is even more interesting because after listing the smart car in its official store, Huawei has now officially listed the Sony PlayStation 5 console on Vmall, which will go on sale from May 15 (today).

Last month, Huawei began selling the Huawei Smart Select SF5 smart car in an online store, the first of its kind. According to a recent report, this smart car has recently crossed 10000 in the opening order.

It’s really good news for the players, who have not missed the PS5 in pre-sale. They can visit Vmall and try again to purchase. One thing worth mentioning that Huawei Mall has only Standard Edition for sale.

The Sony PS5 was available on most of the Chinese e-commerce platforms and currently, all versions and package versions have been sold out. On this, Sony officials said that the PS5 shortage is due to strong demand, but one of the biggest reasons is the lack of parts such as semiconductors, which is required to manufacture this product and bring it among consumers.


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