LG New Energy will invest 582 billion won in South Korea’s 4680 battery production line

According to the latest report, LG New Energy said that it plans to invest 582 billion won (about 453 million US dollars) to build a new infrastructure in South Korea’s Ochang factory to produce 4680 batteries. It is reported that the new production line has a capacity of 9GWh. At the same time, LG New Energy will invest an additional 150 billion won to expand the existing 2170 battery production line, and the new capacity is expected to be 4GWh.


In fact, the 4680 battery is a new type of battery developed by Tesla, with a larger unit size and five times the capacity of the 2170 battery. The new battery can reduce the cost per kilowatt-hour by about 14% and increase the cruising range by 16%. In addition, the manufacturing cost of 4680 batteries is lower, and the power performance of the car is also enhanced to a certain extent, and it will be gradually applied to all new cars in the future.

Compared with the previous cylindrical battery, the biggest structural innovation of the 4680 battery is the electrodeless lug, also known as the full lug. On the one hand, the electrodeless ear technology increases the current conduction area, shortens the current conduction distance, and greatly reduces the internal resistance of the battery.

The reduction of the internal resistance can reduce the current offset phenomenon and prolong the battery life; the reduction of the resistance can also reduce the heat generation, and the electrode conductive coating. The effective contact area between the layer and the battery end cap can reach 100%, which can improve the heat dissipation capacity.

The 4680 battery adopts a new type of electrodeless ear technology in terms of cell structure, which can reduce costs and increase efficiency. On the other hand, the welding process of the tabs is omitted, the production efficiency is improved, and the defect rate caused by welding can be reduced at the same time. This is also the key reason why more and more new energy vehicle battery suppliers have started to build 4680 battery production lines.


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