NVMe 2.0 announed rearchitected NVMe 2.0 library of specifications

The NVM Express website has published the NVM Express (NVMe) 2.0 family of specifications. According to the developers, “the restructuring of the specifications” will speed and simplify the development of NVMe solutions to support an increasingly diverse environment of NVMe devices, now including hard drives.

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The extensibility of the specification encourages the development of independent instruction sets, such as Zoned Namespaces (ZNS) and Key-Value (KV), while supporting various underlying transport protocols common to NVMe and NVMe over Fabrics (NVMe-oF) technologies.

“We’ve redesigned the NVMe 2.0 specification library to meet the growing storage needs of the future,” said Amber Huffman, President of NVM Express. NVMe technology brings together client, cloud, and enterprise storage based on a common instruction set and architecture. Our technical working group has worked hard to optimize the NVMe 2.0 specification features for different market segments, allowing new use cases and new NVMe device types to be introduced.

The NVMe 2.0 Specification Library consists of several documents, including the NVMe Base Specification, Instruction Set Specifications (NVM, ZNS, and KV), Transport Specifications (PCIe, Fiber Channel, RDMA, and TCP), and the NVMe Management Interface Specification.

The new specifications will drive the NVMe ecosystem of devices, including solid-state drives, memory cards, compute accelerators, and hard drives. NVMe 2.0 specifications provide backward compatibility with previous generations of NVMe.

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