For the first time, OnePlus 11 debuts ColorOS 13.1 camera app

OnePlus 11 ColorOS 13.1 camera app

ColorOS 13.1 has made its way to the consumer platform with several new and interesting features. However, the star of this show is the ColorOS 13.1 camera app design, and here we have the first look at this revamped segment on OnePlus 11 handset.

Thanks to the Twitter tipster @ShishirShelke1 for sharing a glimpse of how ColorOS 13.1 will enrich the flagship models in the time ahead. Alongside, the content also triggers what OxygenOS 13.1 will pack in its bag for consumers.

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As per the information, the latest ColorOS version has changed the watermark alignment. While previous upgrades used to show the signature at the center of the device, the 13.1 version gives you the choice to align it to the left or right side or any other edge of the image. Thus, you can change the position as per requirement.

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Consequently, the Position tab includes a total of 6 options Top left, Bottom left, Centre, Bottom, Top right, and Bottom right. Unlike early days, you can conveniently shift the mark to grab the attention of your friends/ family on the snap rather than the signature.

OnePlus 11 ColorOS 13.1 camera app

That’s not it. The new version has also altered the text in the watermark. Earlier, the phone used to show ‘Shot on OnePlus x Hasselblad’. Although ColorOS 13.1 highlights the device model option and allows you to choose the font size accordingly.

OnePlus 11 ColorOS 13.1 camera app

Other than this, there are slight tweaks in the feature icons, given under the More category. Another big change is the shutter button. ColorOS 13.1 brings a pale white shutter tab whereas the OOS 13 features an orange button. No doubt, we may see these modifications in OxygenOS 13.1 as well.

OnePlus 11 ColorOS 13.1 camera app

Looking at these points, a user said that OnePlus is constantly improving its OxygenOS software. Perhaps, the day will arrive soon when the OxygenOS upgrade will again offer the stock Android experience to its users.

So these are the minor changes that are visible between the old and new ColorOS versions. ColorOS 13.1 camera app on OnePlus 11 raises the overall optical performance. It would be worth seeing how far OnePlus will modify the camera section with the OxygenOS 13.1.

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