OnePlus Ace 2V (Nord 3) will feature world’s first enhanced super Wi-Fi technology

OnePlus Ace 2V Nord 3 Wi-Fi feature

OnePlus has again teased the upcoming Ace 2V (Nord 3) handset in a new promo poster for its unique Wi-Fi feature. In the latest teaser, the company quoted that the new phone will bring the world’s first enhanced super Wi-Fi technology.

This interesting detail is emerging from the OnePlus official Weibo account. The tech maker highlighted the point that the actively enhanced super Wi-Fi feature of the OnePlus Ace 2v (Nord 3) will generate a more robust network experience.

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So far, we have gathered a variety of surprising pinches about the Ace 2V smartphone. The main points include full-function NFC support, IR Blaster, sensorless Bluetooth car key, a power pack battery that can support 2 times the battery life with 4 years of durability, and more.

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Although, the fresh inputs sound like the cherry on top of the cake. Consequently, OnePlus China President – Li JieLouis described how the new Wi-Fi technology will deliver the utmost experience from the network section to its users.

OnePlus Ace 2V Nord 3 Wi-Fi feature

To begin with, the enhanced super Wi-Fi technology is a chip-level communication transmission mechanism. Besides, it has 3 significant features:

  • Anti-packet loss technology
  • Anti-interference technology
  • Active overclocking technology

Initially, the anti-packet loss component splits the Wi-Fi transmission data, which is different from other devices that transmit data through different antennas.

OnePlus Ace 2V Nord 3 Wi-Fi feature

As a result, OnePlus Ace 2V can directly use different antennas to send 100% data packets at the same time to gain double insurance in the single data transmission process. This feature greatly reduces data packet loss in games and improves stability in transmission by 30%.

Next, the anti-interference element helps the device to actively monitor the quality of the network environment in real-time, and adjust the communication coding, and transmission bandwidth, flexibly. It also improves the success rate of signal transmission in weak surrounding by more than 15%.

Next, active overclocking detects the success rate of signal transmission and increases the power of radio frequency accordingly. This mechanism increases the ability of signal penetration through walls in a weak network area by 30%.

Other than that, the tech can easily merge with the game cloud computing private network to completely solve the lagging issues.

OnePlus Ace 2V Nord 3 Wi-Fi feature


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