Asus ZenFone 8 to come with higher refresh rate display that its predecessor

ASUS is no stranger to making mobile phones with high refresh rate displays. You only need to check the ROG series of your smartphone to understand what I am talking about. ROG Phone 2 has made headlines since 2019. It was one of the first mobile phones to be launched with 120Hz AMOLED displays. This year, high refresh rate displays became popular.

Then, last year we saw the 144Hz smooth display of ASUS ROG Phone 3. Although the refresh rate of this year’s ROG Phone 5 has not improved any further, their ZenFone product lineup has also been growing slowly and steadily: last year’s ZenFone 7 had a 90Hz panel. Now, the upcoming ZenFone 8 may take it one step further.

how much is it? Okay, how does the 120Hz sound? ASUS went to Twitter to mock ZenFone 8, this time showing off the “fluency” of the device. Although they did not clearly state the exact refresh rate of the phone, the relevant tweet said “a lot of o smoothing” and invited you to count the number of o displayed in the embedded video.

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We calculated it, and then calculated the math for you: there are 120 in total. Putting the parts together, you will get the answer: ZenFone 8’s display is 120Hz. This has been leaked: at least one ZenFone 8 model is expected to be equipped with a 5.9-inch 120Hz OLED panel.

Just like the previous trailer, this image shows a device with a hole-punched front camera cutout. This is not news, as we have reported before, but it always hints at the removal of the rear cameras that used more traditional front and rear camera configurations on at least one phone model (first introduced in ASUS ZenFone 6).

These phones will use Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 888 SoC, because it should be suitable for flagship products in 2021, and we also hope that there are at least 3 models in the lineup of this phone. ASUS’ event for ZenFone 8 is expected to be held on May 12 for about 4 weeks.


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