Latest OnePlus Camera teardown exposes OnePlus is working on something very interesting

After rolling out the latest Android 11 based Oxygen OS beta for the OnePlus 7 and 7T series devices. These smartphones are getting new and improved camera features along with the camera app version 6.4.23.

As per the info, the latest camera version has been investigated by the XDADevelopers team and several new features have been found that could come in the upcoming OnePlus smartphones. Below you can check all the new features along with their functions.

Tilt-Shift mode

The Tilt-Shift is one of the new features that could come in the upcoming OnePlus phones. Tilt-Shift or miniature photography is a photography technique that makes the scenes appear much smaller than they are in reality. We’ll get more about this function as it comes to smartphones.

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The starburst effect is a feature that can be used to take a clear shot when you point your camera at a bright source such as the sun. When the camera is pointed towards the bright light it shows a radiating star shape instead of a dot, which is called the starburst effect. The upcoming OnePlus smartphones may feature this effect with a dedicated mode to capture much clearer photos in a bright environment.

Moon Mode:

This is a feature that is also available on Samsung’s Note 20 smartphone that can smartly capture the moon in a different situation with several effects.


The camera feature of the OnePlus already has the time-lapse mode but the APK reveals that the company will also offer a new dedicated hyperlapse mode for its smartphones. The time-lapse is stationary while the hyperlapse will add movement over long distances.

Focus Peaking:

The last feature that was revealed in the APK teardown is the focus peaking in the OnePlus camera app. This feature highlights the edges of the objects that are in focus for the shot.

Although there is no confirmation as to when these features will be available in the OnePlus devices or if they will be coming with the upcoming OnePlus 9 smartphones or not. But we’ll keep you updated as soon as we receive something new on this matter.


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