Review: Nothing CEO Carl Pei calls OnePlus 11 ‘beautiful’ smartphone

OnePlus 11 review Carl Pei

OnePlus former employee and co-founder Carl Pei who is now leading the Nothing phone company recently released a review video of the OnePlus 11. In the 12-minute-long clip, he shared his thoughts on how the flagship phone seems to him in terms of both hardware and software.

To begin with, Carl Pei shared his review points on the OnePlus 11 design and overall layout. Appreciating the ultimate look and minimal details, Carl said that the phone is “beautiful” and holds every single pinch that a user would like to see in a handy gadget.

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The compliments further include the robust camera framework and the slim-trim edges which results in a sleek look of the device. Probably, the phone appears to be thinner than it actually is. But in addition to praise, Carl also commented on the corner cuts of the handset.

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Accordingly, the former employee said that he didn’t like the concept where the camera module looks integrated with edges, but actually, it’s not. Moreover, he criticizes the thin volume rockers and power buttons, which don’t look good in comparison to the Nothing Phone (1).

Yes, the OnePlus co-founder ultimately compared the latest top-end phone to the Nothing handset for its design and other details. He even said that the OnePlus 11 has ‘no real identity’, especially when compared to the best Android smartphones in the market. Although, Nothing phone offers a unique outlook for its users.

OnePlus 11 review Carl Pei

Coming onto the software, Carl said that OnePlus has also messed with the original OxygenOS, by associating it with the ColorOS codebase. No matter how good the customizations are on the devices. To some extent, this point appropriately fits in the box. He introduced the problems that he found while using the app drawer and other elements of the software.

Last but not least, Carl Pei mentions that the company has made seamless efforts for the optical structure. He also appreciates the haptics and said that the overall experience is very very premium.

What do you think about this matter? How much will you rate the newly launched device? Let us know in the comment section. Meanwhile, you can watch the full OnePlus 11 review by Carl Pei below.


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