Smartphones with rollable and sliding screens coming soon: Samsung Display

by RPRNA Group

According to the official info, Samsung Display announced that it will develop new display types such as slidable and rollable screens to strengthen its leadership.

The senior VP of Samsung Display previously announced that the company will expand its leading position in the foldable market through small and medium displays this year. As we know, there are currently flip and folding types of phones are available in the foldable smartphone market.

However, Samsung is also preparing to adopt new technologies such as variable refresh rate and low power consumption to compete with its rivals in the OLED market.

Samsung Display was expected to close the production of LCD monitors in 2020 but the company is still continuing to produce due to rising market requirements.

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Previously, the Korean tech giant’s display manufacturing division announced its highest quarterly earnings in the fourth quarter of 2020. The company got this impressive response due to the high demand for OLEDs in smartphones and the increase in average selling prices of large panels used in TVs and displays.

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