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Fitbit smartwatch might also track snoring

by Ashish

Fitbit smartwatches will soon have an unusual feature for detecting snoring and noise during sleep. We managed to find out about this thanks to the decompilation of the latest version of Fitbit proprietary software.

Snore & Noise Detect will use the microphone to track noise at night. The software will also detect snoring. However, if someone snoring next to the wearer of the watch, the device will not be able to determine who exactly is the source of the noise.

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In addition to the very fact of determining to snore, the application will also track its duration, notifying how much a person snored on one night or another.

Also, the watch will be able to detect the volume of snoring or ambient noise. Of course, activating this mode will reduce the autonomy of the watch, which Fitbit honestly warns about.

The night noise tracking feature can be very useful for those who are concerned about their health. External noise can negatively affect the quality of sleep, and snoring is sometimes a symptom of quite serious problems and diseases.


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