Android 14 may allow you to apply separate live wallpaper to lock screen

Android 14 live wallpaper lock screen

Android 14 is readying several interesting tweaks over previous upgrades, and one of them could be the lock screen live wallpaper feature for your device. As per the details, you may get able to apply a separate live wallpaper for both the home screen and lock screen with the upcoming OS.

Live wallpapers are animated posters that play on a loop, or a particular pattern to change the overall perspective of the handset. Consequently, live wallpapers can also be considered interactive backgrounds that offer ever-changing screens to keep your phone dynamic.

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Android has begun supporting live wallpapers since 2009 (Android 2.0 -Eclair). Although till now, it only let users set the same animated posters for both the home screen and lock screen while allowing different static wallpapers.

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But it looks like, things are taking a turn in this concept. Perhaps, Android 14 will enable you to apply a different live wallpaper on the lock screen. Eventually, this good news is emerging from the Android 13 QPR2.

Accordingly, the XDA developers revealed that the Android 13 QPR2 build carries a variety of code variations that could turn on an “independent lock screen live wallpaper”. On the flip side, a code change adds a new method to Android’s Wallpaper Manager called setWallpaperComponentWithFlags().

Android 14 live wallpaper lock screen

“System apps that hold the  SET_WALLPAPER_COMPONENT permission, such as Android’s Live Wallpaper Picker app, can use this method to “set the live wallpaper [component] for the given screen(s)”, such as the home screen, lock screen, or both screens.”

Meanwhile, another code change reads the method called isLockscreenLiveWallpaperEnabled(). From the term, we can assume that the respective method verifies whether the independent lock screen live wallpaper feature is enabled or not.

It’s worth mentioning that no such feature has been available in the Android 14 developer preview. However, we may find the addition in the beta program.

OxygenOS 14:

Since OxygenOS 14 will uproot Android 14, we could expect the lock screen live wallpaper add-on for OnePlus phones. Yet, things are only possible, if the tech giant makes efforts to bring the mentioned feature on board.


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